I wanted to start writing about some of the music I have discovered on Youtube over the years, mostly the lesser-known electronic music that I find and subsequently obsess over. I made a blog page on my website where I will talk about an artist I've found, a label and its history, or a music community that has either been forgotten or developed a cult following in recent years.

Along with this, I'll be making playlists on Spotify with whatever music I can scrounge up from these posts. As is the case with many of the music I find on Youtube, a lot of it is hard to find on any other platform, especially on Spotify. But I'll try my best and will post them when I can!

Today's discovery is the Bruton Music Library, a label based out of London that specialized in commercial and corporate music. They had a slew of amazing composers, mostly focused on synth-based music.

One composer that stands out to my ear is Geoff Bastow, an English songwriter who was based in Munich. Known to the Italo Disco world as K.I.D., he also composed music for commercial applications for Bruton Music, and frequently collaborated with his brother Trevor, another Bruton composer. He also collaborated with Georgio Moroder in the early '80s as well.

I found his album, Tomorrows World, a few months ago. The simplicity in the synthesis and sequencing are astounding to me. This track in particular, "Tomorrows Achievements," is really amazing.

Check out my Spotify playlist with more artists from the Bruton Music Library below.