This week I wanted to touch upon one of my favorite genres of music: Italo disco. Born out of progressive music around the late '70s, Italo originated in Italy (obviously) and gained massive popularity in Europe in the mid-80s. Producers like Giorgio Moroder, Devo, and Kraftwerk had huge influence on the formation of the genre, and popular acts such as Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, New Order, and Sylvester were heavily influenced by this genre of electronic music. 

I discovered Italo disco soon after I started producing electronic music, right around the time that Washed Out became popular with "Feel It All Around." Many people still don't know that the song is pretty much a direct sample of Gary Low's original Italo hit, "I Want You." Still, it's a pretty cool way to use a sample.

My favorite Italo records come from Scotch, an Italian band that had huge success in the genre in the mid 80s. These guys were great not only for their synth programming, but also for their ridiculous lyrics, possibly due a lapse in Italian-to-English translation. My favorite song of theirs, "Take Me Up," is below. And yes, almost every one of their music videos is as ridiculous as this one.

Thanks for the memories, fellas.

Thanks for the memories, fellas.

I made a Spotify playlist with a bunch of my favorite Italo disco tracks. You can listen to it below.